What Our Customers Say

"When I was introduced to the Signature ColorPrint® it literally changed the way I shopped for clothing and makeup. I cannot live without the correct colors of makeup now! I take my Signature ColorPrint® palette with me on my phone wherever I go so I can be certain I get the right color of clothes to help me feel the most confident". H.A.

"l love the precise systematic approach to dressing with my Signature ColorPrint®. This tool is ingenious". K.J.

"Color is the most vital component of dressing. The innovative


Signature ColorPrint® provides precise personalized colors for each


user." J.C.

"Shopping used to be such a dreaded chore. Now I can shop with ultimate confidence in a short amount of time. I never even consider anything in colors that aren't in my Signature ColorPrint®. I am in and out in record time, but the best part is that everything I buy will look great on me." S.B.